About Us

You're tired of listening to the same programs in a loop on the radio? You want varied content and adapted to your desires?

RadioMe® is the radio by you and for you! Our platform RadioMe® is organized as a network of users and broadcasters:

Broacasters broadcast content live or in the form of podcasts (music, news, politics, thematic, humorous, in short everything and for everyone!) and listeners who flourish under the gaze of what they have folded and not what is imposed on them!

This innovative concept opens the door to new perspectives for a free and collaborative radio.

Anyone, anywhere, anytime. Everything is radio.

How it works


Among thousands of stations broadcasted by professionals and enthusiasts. Podcasts, interviews, news, debates, music playlists... On RadioMe, Listen only to what is relevant for you without commercials or censorship. Listen to any audio content shared live, follow your friends and feel their vibe in real time.


You are a musician or producer wishing to share his creations and radios do not broadcast? Or simply a professional wishing to inform, share and interact with your audience around an area you love? Today, Radio Me just revolutionize the radio as you know it. Become your own radio station, interact with your listeners and create a real community! The Broadcast mode allows you to share live or podcast audio content you want via your smartphone, your computer or just your voice through the Radio Mic'. Discover exclusive RadioMe transitions jingles or customize your own to create your own shows Generate donations from your audience that encourage you to stream content with RadioTokens.


Hundreds of places, moods and possibilities to go out, but how to choose? Use the RadioMap to listen live what's happening in the bars and clubs around you, choose the atmosphere that suits you best according to your desires at the moment, order a VTC directly through the platform, buy tickets before even to get there, everything you want to know about the places you prefer without even being there is now at your fingertips. Feel the party like never before. Always stay in touch with the musical atmosphere of the places you visit. Create events on the map and share the atmosphere of where you are. You are a music studio? Awesome. Take the opportunity to share your music experience with your audience.


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